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Utes at Huskies

Chad Sexington

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Every time we are in the top 10, we lay an egg the following week. 

Please don’t be that week

Washington had a bye and our starters only played a half. Our offensive v and defensive lines have been really good and Moss and Huntley have been fantastic. Shelley better be ready because I’m certain Washington will be going after Huntley’s lower leg. 

Our special teams have been quite “special” as in special needs. Sucking compared to most years. 


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Utah is everything that Oregon wants to be. They maul you on the ground then then go over the top for big passing plays. How does Huntley have a huge YPA and completion % advantage over the can't miss NFL arm in Herbert? The things that Oregon did well vs UW, Utah can do  better. Utah's coaches might be stubborn, but they aren't going to outsmart themselves for an entire half by thinking that running 4 wide sets for the first time all year against UW is a good idea. They're going to do all game what Oregon did in the 4th quarter. And then defensively, come on. 

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On 10/28/2019 at 4:02 PM, Mano said:

Everyone has been pointing at this game as the toughest on the Ute's schedule this year. If they look past it, they deserve to lose.

Did you listen to Kyle's presser today? He seemed a little more snippy than normal... As in he's been cracking the whip a bit more setting the tone for the boys..

The thing I don't like about this game is Petersen had a bye week to use that crafty, tricky mind of his..  


Tricksy Hobbitses..

See the source image

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