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Medicinal marijuana in Alabama?  Darn tootin!


I gotta be honest, I don't know that I'm sold on the strategy of selling marijuana legalization as a medicinal goal.  Yes, some people may benefit from some aspects of the plant.  The main reason not to criminalize marijuana is because the description of the requirements for a "drug" to be listed as a Schedule I narcotic (addictive, no medicinal properties, high risk for abuse, harmful, etc.) simply don't apply to marijuana.  At minimum, a government needs a rational basis to restrict a certain activity.  There simply is none in this case.

The lone voice of dissent in the story in the link is from a doctor who fears that the perception of weed as medicine will lure young people toward it.  Huh?  Since when does the term "medicine" make the teens go wild?  Kids are lured to marijuana because it's fun to be high.  Regulate it as best we can to keep it out of kids' hands, but stop forcing adults to go to their street dealer, or kill themselves with whiskey.

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SAFE Banking Act passes the house.  More than 300 votes in favor of a pro-cannabis piece of federal legislation.

That is, obviously, a record for a pro-marijuana related bill.


On to Moscow Mitch... :rolleyes:

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Legal marijuana poses a serious threat to the alcohol industry, which is a good thing for a humanity.

Since I became a more regular smoker of weed, I've reduced my alcohol intake by probably 90%.  I just have no taste for it anymore . I get the same euphoric high from marijuana that I do from alcohol, without the stumbling, idiotic aggression inherent with being buzzed or drunk, and minus the hangover.  (Oh, and minus the 9,000,000% higher chance of death).

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Analyzing a dataset of over 1.5 billion individual opioid prescriptions between 2011 and 2018, which were aggregated to the individual provider-year level, we find that recreational and medical cannabis access laws reduce the number of morphine milligram equivalents prescribed each year by 11.8 and 4.2 percent, respectively.

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The FBI can't hire hackers because of their batshit marijuana rule.


The FBI has a three year waiting period for weed imbibers. And if another different illegal substance has been used, such as cocaine or ecstasy, the waiting period turns into 10 years. This policy isn't hurting hackers, unless it was their lifelong dream to join, but it could be hurting our cyber security during a time when that's simply unacceptable.

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