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Boulder best Pac-12 town according to Athlon Sports


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Those scores are really ugly. I blame Pullman.


Team Leaders

1 Arizona State +1

2 Southern California +2

3 California +6

T4 Washington +10

T4 Stanford +10

T6 Oregon State +12

T6 Oregon +12

T6 Washington State +12

9 UCLA +20

10 Arizona +26

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... I've never heard of LA called the 'City of Lights'.


Are you a lucky little lady in the City of Light?

Or just another lost angel?

City of Night, City of Night,

City of Night, City of Night, whoa, c'mon


L.A. Woman, L.A. Woman

L.A. Woman, you're my woman

Little L.A. Woman, Little L.A. Woman

L.A. L.A. Woman Woman

L.A. Woman c'mon


~ LA Woman (The Doors)

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There is a reason why folks from tornado country rode into Boulder when their favorite teams played there. Now the surfers and hippies of the PAC are finding out about Boulder.


Oh, shucks. Here's another thing the Buffs are better then the Utes at.

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tucson sucks.


I would much rather go to Pullman than to Tucson or Tempe.  


And come on.  Grouping USC and UCLA under Los Angeles is a joke.  USC is in the downtown surrounded by South Central Los Angeles, aka, the place you don't want to be. UCLA is surrounded by Beverly Hills, Bell Air, and West Hollywood. HUUUGE difference. 

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Nice liberal town, Jalapeno.  Right up your alley.


I only come to Boulder when I have tickets to CU athletic events if I have time for that.  Other than that, I avoid that city like the plague.  Same for Denver even if I'm just a 15 minute drive on the freeway from downtown Denver.  The true conservatives in Colorado know to avoid those two cities.


Colorado Springs is at the opposite end of the spectrum for Colorado.  I don't like that city either and probably the same reason Tucson isn't highly thought of.  Too much sprawl.  Although I have lived more of my life in cities than small towns, I still am a small town guy.  A good grocery store, a good gas station & convenience store, and a few Mexican restaurants would be good enough for me.


Out of many cities I have traveled to, Boulder is unique and that is the only thing I like about Boulder.  Very anti-establishment city as well.  The ironic thing is that some of the restaurants that originated in Boulder or Denver since they didn't want restaurant chains ended up becoming nationwide restaurants such as Old Chicago, Chipotle's, Qdoba, Quinzo's, and Noodles & Company.  Tokyo Joe's is probably the next Colorado based chain to go national since they just opened a few stores in the Phoenix area and the Dallas Metroplex.  My wife and I can't stay away from Tokyo Joe's.  Instead of Mexican food like Chipotle's & Qdoba, they serve Japanese food and you can make it as healthy as it can be by skipping out on the rice and using veggies instead.  Their sushi is fully cooked as well so you don't have to worry about getting sick.


Boulder was well known for Wild Oats natural food stores before they were bought out by Whole Foods.  Texas fans used to call Boulder "Austin North" and CU fans would call Austin "Boulder South".  Maybe Eugene or Berekley could be called "Boulder West" in that case while Boulder is "Eugene East" or "Berekley East".




That uniqueness is what truly sets Boulder apart from many cities not only in the Big 12 but also the Pac-12.  Not bad for a liberal town like Boulder even if I don't like the people from there.

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Interesting to me that the Weed capitals are #'s 1 & 2.


Tucson ahead of Salt Lake? Cred? What cred?


Aren't both cities kind of sprawling?  I think it would depend on the person and their tastes.  The SLC area had quite a few nice people so I have a very positive view of SLC.

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