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1983 NC State “Cardiac Pack” Sues For 40 Past Years Of NIL


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Ten members of NC State's 1983 national champs filed a lawsuit against the NCAA claiming they are owed compensation for 40 years of use of their NIL.

The suit in part says "student-athletes' value to the NCAA does not end with their graduation; archival footage and other products constitute an ongoing income stream for the NCAA long after the students whose images are used have moved on from college."





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The anti-trust settlement that the NCAA and P4 have agreed to is supposed to protect the NCAA and it's member teams from this sort of thing.  In that suit the prosecution and defense have agreed to exactly that... out of court.  The judge has not ruled on the agreement.  This could get interesting.  Nothing more than a cheap money grab, but it might just work.  We'll see what the courts say.

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On 6/11/2024 at 12:39 PM, Buttermaker said:

An agreement between the NCAA & P4s can't possibly prevent anyone not a party to the agreement from suing on their own behalf.  I have always thought this agreement between a powerless NCAA & the P4 was meaningless for past and future student athletes (especially future SAs).

OK, I'll defer on the legal opinion.  However, it's been well reported that the NCAA and P4 are hoping that this settlement would block any further lawsuits.  Maybe that won't happen.

I agree with oredigger poke that the MWC should just opt out of the settlement.  Considering the disparity in income between the MWC and the P5 over the last decade, any lawsuits directed at the MWC as a result of not signing on would likely result in a much lower settlement than what we'd owe as part of what the NCAA has agreed to.

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