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Bowl Game thread


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the fan in me wanted alabama, the cynic in me was hoping for ohio state because I thought they were the weaker of the two.......


not so sure anymore...

I've felt OSU was really good the last half of the year. Besides, it would make a great story to have the two teams that faced off for the first NCAA basketball title, face off for the first real national championship in football also.


That's right, the winner of this game, is the only team that will be able to claim a actual title in football.

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my quick take: seemed like ohio state scored mostly off big plays, which oregon's defense strives to take away. conversely, that's why we give up the yards we do. but against tosu...? I dunno, make the third stringer (good as he is) beat us with accuracy for sixty minutes, not sixty yard bombs over the top of the defense.

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