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WEEK 9 Predictions for the PAC


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On 11/5/2023 at 7:35 AM, HLB said:

"... punched CU in the mouth from the jump"?

It was 7-3, midway through the second quarter.  I don't call that "punching CU in the mouth from the jump".  But keep living you fantasy and embellishing facts.

Fortunately for OSU, Colorado played like garbage last night, and certainly not as well as they are capable of playing.  To that end, it's not like OSU just kicked Georgia's butt.  They beat a time that will struggle to become bowl eligible.  If OSU was a good as the fantasy scenario currently in your head, they would have won 63-7, and put up 20-plus points in the first quarter.

But they didn't.  Because they're not as good was you want to believe (try playing a legit P5 OOC opponent for a change).

OSU has no chance vs. Oregon and Washington, no matte where they play them.  And who knows what could happen with lowly Stanford.

CU had something like 70 yards of offense in the first three quarters.  Yes, punched them in the mouth, you drooling retard.  If not for 2 ridiculous turnovers, it was a 40-3 rout. 

Do you even know what people mean by “punched in the mouth”?  Seriously, it has a specific meaning to those who know football, I.e. not you. 

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