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SEC Sucks in 2023


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Going down the list ....

Auburn is terrible.

Florida is terrible.

Mississippi State is not very good.

Vanderbilt is Vanderbilt - nothing new to share on how bad they are (again).

Missouri is below average and not very good.

South Carolina is below average and not very good.

TXA&M - not sure why everyone keeps trying to make TXA&M a contender.  I told people last summer that they wouldn't beat Miami, and they will lose 5 or 6 games.  Jimbo hired his replacement when he hired Petrino as his OC.  Not as good as their roster would suggest.  Simply not a good team.  And if they lose to Auburn in 2 weeks, Fisher will be out.

Tennessee is above average, and could beat Georgia, but lose to Alabama and Kentucky.

Kentucky is average, but not much more.

Ole Miss is good, but not great.

Arkansas is good, but not great.

LSU is good but was soundly defeated by a playoff contending team.  

BAMA is good but was uncharacteristically manhandled a better team that should make the playoffs

Georgia best team that the SEC has, but not as good as the past two seasons.

Other than Georgia, I don't see anyone else in the SEC with the potential to make the playoffs (at this point).  This might be the first year where the SEC doesn't have a team in the playoffs (unless you want to count Texas).



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