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UCLA sued by the Holiday Bowl


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While it’s funny to laugh at the expense of the bRuin’s, I have to ask what about when  inclement weather have cancelled bowl games in the past? I know a pandemic vs. weather aren’t exactly the same. But if teams have already flown out, paid for hotel rooms, etc. Do the bowl organizers pay anything back? I haven’t looked into how that works, but I’ll assume they don’t and the schools are left out to dry. 

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The conference did not get paid for the 2021 game that didn't happen (nor, it turns out, the 2022 game that did). So ticket refunds etc. They tried to recoup this by not paying for the 2022 game, which the conference did not agree to. So before the Pac sued them over nonpayment of 2022, they sued over 2021.


This was the CA policy at the time:

"Someone who has shared the same indoor space that is less than 400,000 cubic feet in size (for example, homes, waiting rooms, airplanes, etc.) with an infectious person for a total of 15 minutes or more within a 24-hour period is considered to be a "close contact" for COVID-19, regardless of how close they were to the infectious person in that indoor space. This may include people living in the infected person's home, caregivers, classmates, and co-workers who were in a shared indoor airspace with the infectious person when they were contagious."


UCLA doesn't make state policy. When players tested positive everyone that had been near them was also ineligible. It wasn't three positive tests on the morning, it was them plus everybody they had been indoors with them for more than 15 minutes. Maybe the Bowl Committee shouldn't have sent the teams into the bowels of a naval ship together for a photo op.

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