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  1. I believe that too.
  2. Why an NCAA antitrust settlement will leave lots of questions unanswered - ESPN As we are getting settled into new conferences in a couple to a few months, I wonder if this might trigger another wave of realignment.
  3. PAC MAN

    NFL 2024

    Can't be as bad as ending in Buffalo right? Hope you have better luck with Russell Wilson than the Broncos did the last couple of seasons.
  4. Biden hails ‘monumental’ steps toward easing marijuana rules as rescheduling process moves ahead | CNN Politics Looks like the rescheduling to class III is underway. Much better & safer than Fentanyl which is killing Americans these days.
  5. Going to be curious to see your take on the MWC + P2 stuff. I don't follow the MWC quite as much as I used to and haven't posted on the MWC board for like at least a year.
  6. Ah I was thinking it was Utah instead of Arizona State and Cal has a series against Florida this decade.
  7. I'd say CU has no depth at RB & TE and I'm not convinced we know the backup QB when it comes to the offense. I feel better about the OL at this point. On the defense, the LB corps is a huge question mark. DL should be decent and the DBs should be good. We'll see how things shake out in camp in August.
  8. Venu Sports Introduced as Name for Forthcoming Sports Streaming Service - ESPN Press Room U.S. If you heard about Disney, Warner Bros, and Fox pooling their sports steaming rights onto one plan, Venu Sports is the name of the plan. No idea how much it will cost. The current Big 12 media rights deal expires at the end of the 2024-25 athletic season. The ESPN family of channels (including ABC) and Fox Sports family of channels (including Fox) are for the first and second tier rights. Each Big 12 school's third tier rights are on ESPN+. The new Big 12 media rights deal that kicks in 2025-26 and runs to 2030-31. From reading whatever is out there, it appears that ESPN will carry more of the games but Fox will finally carry basketball. Big 12 reaches new media deals with ESPN, Fox (sportsbusinessjournal.com)
  9. Pre-ordered the game for my Xbox Series X and I'm amped. Got the standard version because the three day early access are during my busiest times of the week but there's the EA Play 10 hour trail that should be available July 12th with an EA Play subscription on the XSS, XSX, and PS5 consoles.
  10. Birthday is next month so maybe that should be on my wishlist. Already got a new CU hat from Scheel's that I really like. Logo is from 1940's and it just looks cool. Got a trucker hat because the Big 12 is just that.
  11. 100 days to college football - Top games, players, contenders - ESPN Look no further than the second sentence in why I'm optimistic for a good start by the Buffs. And given that Klieman coached at NDSU, something NDSU does against CU might give Coach Prime reason to have a beef with KSU. Both NDSU and KSU basically run the same offense but the NDSU version is more of a power QB running game while KSU will be more on the speed side of things. Not surprised those two games have FCS upset alerts on them but I don't think that will happen in both games. South Dakota State does return their starting QB but he will be doing this without his best receiving targets and a RB who was drafted. As for North Dakota State, they do return their QB but they have a new head coach who was the OC and the Bison showed signs of slippage as a program last season losing to their three Dakota rivals in the regular season. This rivalry could become the main rivalry in the Big 12. I wish the Buffs got BYU this season but that's not going to happen until next year in Boulder and 2027 in Provo. Don't think CU-OSU will become a rivalry but it appears that OSU will be CU's travel pair in every sport in the Big 12. It's ironic since my first CU MBB game was an upset win in Boulder against OSU. I'm still surprised Aranda is back instead of taking a coordinator job at B1G or SEC school. I think he's out after this season anyway. Arizona, OSU, Utah, and KSU are potential first time CFP teams this year. KSU & Utah are also mentioned as CFP first round bye teams.
  12. Going to keep an eye on Florida since they have home and homes coming up against CU & Utah later this decade.
  13. Shedeur and Hunter were making a big jump from HBCU FCS ball to P4 football. What Shedeur was able to do was nothing short of amazing. Both stars will improve this season no questions asked. Both have millions of dollars in their upcoming NFL rookie contracts at stake. I'm not a big fan of Shedeur's antics...he even does it in spite of his own father at times. I hope he was told behind doors by NFL scouts and executives to tone his antics down. We'll see about that.
  14. I would not disagree with you on Texas being soft and we are going to see how they do in the SEC. Their SEC schedule is pretty favorable for a CFP berth and they are solid at QB1 and QB2 this year. Georgia being the SEC is reasonable but you know the media is going to hype them up and with SEC Media Days being in Dallas, you can expect that to happen. With all of that talent that Ohio provides in addition to the surrounding states, winning should come easy in Columbus regardless who the coach is. That's why I think he's ranked too high and those three consecutive losses to Michigan is not helpful to his job security. One more loss this year at home is going to make his seat hot unless he goes out and wins the CFP. They might heed their rival's patience on Jim Harbaugh after he lost more than three games to the Buckeyes and have that patience pay off down the road.
  15. Sark is just in a great position to elevate himself in the coming years. The Longhorns are going to be favored to win the SEC and they have Ewers plus Arch Manning looked very good in the spring game so they have a starting QB and backup QB. We are both in agreement about Dykes being too high. Never was impressed with him at Cal and that TCU CFP championship game was just due to the stars lining up right. Lincoln Riley's ranking in that SN article is just too high and the same for Dykes. Same for Ryan Day and if he loses to Michigan at home this year, he could be unemployed at season's end. Day just lived off Urban Meyer's recruiting imo. Lanning is too low and the same for Mike Gundy.
  16. Those Ute fans are probably right about Stillwater being a tough trip. The sidelines are probably more narrow than Folsom Field and if they fill up the 60K stadium, it's going to be crazy down there. You are right about Gordon being the best RB in college football and getting the QB back was huge for them. I think they return most of their OL starters who are mostly upperclassmen. I am looking forward to that Kyle Whittingham versus Mike Gundy coaching matchup. Chile and I have gotten along pretty well on the boards these years...for obvious reasons.
  17. Arizona with 7 1/2...that appears low but perhaps due to the loss of some defensive players via the portal after the coaching change. They might have a double digit win season this year but they will not surprise teams this year. Arizona State with 4 1/2...that appears about right. They should win their OOC games at home against Wyoming and Mississippi State (both breaking in new head coaches) but that Texas State game on the road looks dicey. Big 12 schedule doesn't look promising either. Baylor with 5...too high and should be about three or four. Their opener at home against Tarlenton might not be an easy one since the Texans are a potential FCS playoff contender. That road game to Utah and hosting AFA at home probably won't lead to wins. BYU and @Houston might be their only B12 wins. BYU...seems about right. Cincy at 5 1/2...appears about right. COLORADO at 5 1/2...there's no way you can convince me that is the correct number and with arguably the best QB in the B12 and potentially the best WR and DB corps, going over that number is pretty probable. I did watch the Houston spring game on ESPN+ on demand and even if they got a returning QB, they got some work to do on offense. That four wins for them is too generous. Their OOC has UNLV, @Oklahoma, and Rice. Their Big 12 schedule doesn't look too promising for many wins. I'm going with the under for UH. Iowa State appears a little low. They could have a good season. Kansas appears about right. Kansas State appears about right. If OSU gets off to a slow start, that 7 1/2 will be about right. But if they get off to a hot start, they will go over easily. Like Utenation, I'm not a fan of Sykes but that number of 7 1/2 appears about right for TCU. Texas Tech with 8...they really underdelivered last year and looked good against Cal in the bowl game. I'm going with the over in this case. UCF looks about right at 7 1/2. With that former Arkansas QB Jefferson (that big dude who can run and throw the ball deep), there's a chance they go over. Utah...there are some tough road trips but I have the Utes at double digit wins this year. Going with the over. WVU at 6 1/2...they host Penn State and travel to Pitt which are both rivalry games. Looking at their B12 schedule, that under/over number appears about right.
  18. PAC MAN

    NFL 2024

    NFL schedules released last night. I don't like the Broncos schedule especially the opening part: @Seahawks Steelers & Russell Wilson @Bucs @Jets There's also a stretch of @Ravens, @Chiefs, and vs Falcons. I'm not a fan of the new Broncos uniforms either.
  19. Just wondering...will you move some threads to their appropriate forums when you get the time to do so?
  20. I'd be much more confident in Utah getting to that win total than Kansas State. KSU has to replace 4 out of 5 OL starters from last season and will have a new starting QB that could be very good but still new. A good number of defensive players went into the portal as well. The Wildcat backfield could be pretty lethal with Giddens and former Buff RB Edwards but they got to replace a productive TE and there's no clue who the WRs will be. I'm a little surprised there was no mention of OSU despite who is coming back for the Cowboys. Maybe it is due to the Utah, @KSU, and WVU trio of games. WVU does not appear to be a team you'd want to sleep on but their OOC schedule is tough but they will be ready for that game against OSU since they will have a bye week before that trip to Stillwater. The Cowboys also open at home against the two time defending FCS champs South Dakota State and then after that, Arkansas comes for a visit. The Cowboys started slow last season and they cannot afford to do that this year.
  21. Oregon and Ohio State appear to be headed to double digit wins and the CFP. I don't think Michigan will beat Texas at home and I think Texas might be favored to win the SEC this upcoming season. Just looked at USC's schedule...that looks tough with that opener against LSU and then the conference opener at Michigan (USC has a bye week before this one). I think McMurphy is right about USC and UW's win totals. I think UCLA's win total is too high. Funny thing is that Bug compared the new UCLA coaching staff to what CU had under Jon Embree and CU did open the Embree era at Hawaii and lost that one. UCLA opens the season at Hawaii.
  22. Going to be fun to do with all those unknowns due to a new conference and portal. I started digging into the Big 12 last January and even watched the WVU and Houston spring games on ESPN+. Going to go back to my findings and come up with a reasonable prediction for each team.
  23. Projecting the top ten quarterbacks during 2024 college football season - On3 Notable QBs: 3. Jaxon Dart Ole Miss (former USC QB) 4. Dillon Gabriel UO 6. Shedeur Sanders CU 7. Camron Ward Miami FL (former WSU QB) PS I know I started a Big 12 football thread but we'll see if that can stick on the wall like spaghetti.
  24. The Ducks are going to the CFP in my opinion. I'm not sold on USC or UW this season and things are going to be brutal in Westwood. EB was not experienced as an OC when he took the CU OC job back then. Your concern should be if UCLA's players have thick enough skins to deal with EB.
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