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  1. Haven't kept up with the MLB Portland news...where are they planning on putting a baseball stadium in that city?
  2. I have to say that watching FCS football during spring 2021 had an impact on my perspective of college football. I watched solid football in the MVFC and followed Sam Houston State all the way to the FCS national title. That showed me that good football is not exclusive to the FBS level and not the P4 level. I will still watch CU football in addition to Oklahoma in the SEC and that's pretty much my interest in P4 football at this point but I'm open to boycotting the B1G & SEC. Once the newness of the SEC wears off for Oklahoma, I might just be just CU going forward and I'll just watch FCS & G5 football on ESPN+ (and maybe other streaming channels). I have interest in watching Idaho State from the Big Sky Conference since former Buffs QB Cody Hawkins is the head coach there. I have interest in watching the Dakota schools from the MVFC and I'll watch some Northern Colorado football if they are any good at all. Idaho and both Montana schools are worth watching. My family is now settled in Wyoming and I'll root for the Cowboys and I have some family from Idaho near Boise so I can root for the Broncos as well. It's fun to watch Air Force since it's a change of pace from what you usually see. Plenty of teams to root for against csu. I have some interest in CUSA especially SHSU and Jacksonville State who is coached by former Arizona head coach Rich Rod. I loved his offenses when he was in Tucson and was bummed that he was fired from that job because UA was my second favorite P12 team behind CU. I loved Coastal Carolina a few years ago and now their coach from that time is at Liberty so I'll watch the Flames in that regard. I might as well watch the MAC & Fun Belt while I'm at it. There are several strong D2 teams in Colorado namely Colorado Mines and CSU-Pueblo. At this rate, it's only a matter of time before Mines wins the D2 national championship while CSU-Pueblo already has done that. Given that EA Sports College Football 25 is out, I could have even less incentive to watch games live and I can always watch games on demand. My ESPN.com dashboard only has college sports on it because my interest in the pro sports leagues is just going gone. I'm waiting on Venu Sports to release its pricing details and I know it will have ESPN+ included but I'm open to just going all in on ESPN+ at this point in addition to the free over the air channels. Given this talk of the P4 conferences breaking off from the rest of FBS, perhaps the G5 conferences and some FCS conferences (that move up) will battle for their own national championship. I can "drop down" a level in that case and enjoy a more purer form of college athletics.
  3. The other state AGs would be watching those trails and thinking about going after the ACC. The private schools could also go after the ACC too if they are not under state jurdisication. ESPN could be considered a monopoly for college sports especially when you include ESPN+ and the Feds could broaden it to include other sports. Too much at stake that a settlement is much more likely. And as a Big 12 fan, you would hope for that too because the ACC's GoR is based on the Big 12's GoR. If the ACC GoR gets picked apart, that means the B12's GoR can get picked apart.
  4. I loved it when the Ducks had neon yellow uniforms.
  5. Right but the last thing the ACC & ESPN wants is either the FSU or Clemson case going to trail. The last thing ESPN wants is an anti-trust investigation opened on them and a settlement would be likely in this case.
  6. That is great and looking at the map, a light rail route runs...perfect!
  7. I suspect that FSU & Clemson would join for 2026. It's getting late for a 2025 entry at this point. What needs to happen is ESPN decides not to pick up the option on the ACC media rights deal and it expires after the 26-27 season. Also the Florida AG has been able to get the secret ESPN-ACC deal via the courts so a settlement between FSU and the ACC might not be far away. Might go past August 15th and that's why a 26 entry is more likely.
  8. What an awesome week this has been since we have a brand new CFB game for the first time in 11 years! Won the CFP with CU on my first run and got knocked out of the CFP the following season. After that, I decided to start a new dynasty with Sam Houston State. It’s so much fun to start with a lowly program and work it up the rankings. Just a thought: why not schedule games at Boise State, EMU, and Coastal Carolina so you can deal with the different field colors?
  9. That is separate from the funding for a new arena in downtown? A baseball stadium is a great investment due to the number of home games and adding that NHL team means you have over 80 home games for the arena alone for a grand total of 160+ games between the two places. Nearby businesses will be happy.
  10. True. Might have to be voting on a potential new stadium for the Denver Broncos before long too. Imo, baseball stadiums are better investments of public money than football stadiums and I'm probably voting no on a new Broncos stadium if it is not domed or something like that.
  11. And one more thing, what about the White Sox stadium situation? Could they just leave Chicago with just the Cubs there?
  12. Just curious...where in SLC would they put the stadium in? Nashville seems appealing but the problem is they are pumping in money for a new domed football stadium and where would the money for the new baseball stadium come from? Charlotte wins by default imo.
  13. Agreed. Notice all those blocks of dates that can be used for the AAA team while the A's are out of town?
  14. Yes that is making me nuts too and thinking too much too. It would make it hard to run the traditional option offenses too.
  15. You got a point...if Trump can win the RNC, Biden can win the DNC. Not a great situation we are all in.
  16. Bison

    Human smuggling

    This issue is serious enough that every Federal Government building has to have papers posted on the wall with a hotline for human trafficking.
  17. I said primary voters which means the primaries themselves. Not the general election which should be an one time thing.
  18. Trump is supposed to speak tonight...perfect opportunity.
  19. Those same primary voters were under the impression back then that Joe Biden was capable of another four years in the White House. Now I'm sure they wish they could do a re-vote. I don't see that being un American.
  20. Not that complicated: have one team out on the road while one team is at home. Then flip it.
  21. And I find it interesting that there is zero mention of JD Vance's wife being of Indian (not Native American) ethnicity and Vance's children having Indian first names. Of course the mainstream media wouldn't want you to know that and the question is who has the lower ratings? Biden or the mainstream media?
  22. Remember Kamala got destroyed in the DNC primaries back in 2020 and had to drop out. The DNC is and should be scared of Kamala being in a debate of any type even if it ends up being her against Trump. Trump will eat her alive.
  23. Sorry I'm not buying that Biden-Kamala statement. Especially after Kamala lost out early in the 2020 DNC primaries because of her debating. And being held a week before the DNC...there might be two new people on the ticket after that.
  24. Interesting that Biden got COVID after saying that medical conditions would be enough for him to bow out of the race and after he said the LORD ALMIGHTY would tell him when to bow out.
  25. This is why I love homers on message boards.
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