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  1. Is it just me, or is this an incredibly hard week to predict? Not only do I not know which teams to pick, I don't know where to rank 'em either.
  2. Despite the powerful drunken babble of this statement, it is false. The Mueller investigation cost $20-$25 million, but it brought in fines and forfeitures worth $32-$35 million.
  3. It's good to a see a pervert like this finally get caught. Men have long abused their power/position to commit despicable crimes. It's definitely an issue our nation should address across all sociological and political boundaries.
  4. Got to give a shout-out to Hardcore Husky forums here:
  5. Damn, I was too busy last week, and totally forgot. Are we resetting for the conference schedule?
  6. Is papa actually referring to Marianne Williamson here?
  7. Honestly I lean toward No. 2 regarding PapaG, with Bruin70 in the No. 3 category. To his credit, PapaG works hard to find semi-defensible support for his inane arguments (even though he probably knows they're inane) whereas Bruin70 just chums the waters.
  8. I'm guessing everyone picked the Beavers tonight, amirite?
  9. A tweet from a private citizen isn't "news," so it can't possibly be "Fake News." I heard an immigration attorney discussing it on NPR, and she reiterated that it caused an uproar because it's very poorly worded. She claims it will only affect up to a couple of hundred people annually, (which begs the question what was the point of doing it in the first place?) but those effects will be harsh. The example she gave was of a young immigrant from South Korea who has a green card and serves in the military. If that person is deployed to South Korea, they can be arrested because they are still a South Korean citizen, and they haven't served their mandatory stint in the South Korean military.
  10. Jessi Combs, "the fastest woman on four wheels," died in crash on Oregon's Alvord Desert yesterday. https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2019/08/28/racer-jessi-combs-dies-in-land-racing-record-attempt-crash/
  11. This happened in Portland and you link a story from the Daily Mail? From KATU: "Victim's wife stated that she was curious how people in Portland would treat her husband since he wore his 'Make America Great Again' hat. She proposed that her husband wear the hat throughout the night so she can see how people treat him. She stated that she and her husband walked to multiple bars in Portland." Lenzner denied those claims. https://katu.com/news/local/man-claims-two-people-assaulted-him-over-make-america-great-again-hat
  12. No Buffs in the pool yet. Shame. I have Oregon over Auburn as my one-point, least confident pick, and I have Colorado at 2 points. 😁
  13. So Trump's offended because she used the word "abzurd"???? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49423968
  14. We could make this thread "Hot!" to get some attention. Post a tweet about the UH/UA game, and Bruin70 will come along and call you names. That should help.
  15. Only five players in the pool, and just over 80 hours til the first kickoff!
  16. I thought it was James Brown that he copied.
  17. Eight actually, but Harbaugh's only been there four seasons.
  18. A bit misleading since they've only played it since 2011.
  19. Atheism is not a "belief." You can't even grasp the subject matter.
  20. You don't know anything about my belief - or lack thereof - so please don't categorize me. I was merely suggesting that given your track record, you're obviously not going to provide any facts, or even a cogent argument, to support your statements.
  21. I don't bring up the topic of religion, I only respond when preached to by the couple of rollers here. There is zero evidence that prayer is effective in any way, and truthfully, you're the worst possible choice to attempt to dispute that fact.
  22. Then it's hopeless, because prayer has never, ever worked. We could use our system of checks and balances to at least rein-in the executive branch, which we've already done on occasion with the president. And by the way, as opposed to monarchy, wherein people serve their ruler, we are a democracy, wherein our president serves us. There really isn't a comparison there.
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