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  1. You lost me at Baylor will not be an easy out…..
  2. Portal will open up again for the Bama players/recruits. This is about to get crazy. At the very least, some big extensions are about to be signed.
  3. My Buffs are rumored to be hiring Jim Leonard. We will see, the intersex has been wrong before.
  4. Those rankings are terribly flawed and everyone knows it. The sec was down when playing other conferences, only up when playing conference games. They deservedly have gotten credit over the years, it incorrectly spilled into this year.
  5. The sec was ranked once they got to conference play. Take the sec championship game, the qb play was decidedly mediocre. Bama had to convert a 4th and 31 against a bad team and now they are invincible. we will see on bowl games. I am not sure how meaningful they will be with players skipping them and hitting the portal.
  6. Absolute nonsense. The pac was the best conference this year, especially compared to the big 10 and 12. Washington doesn’t get left out. Your logic gives a lot of credit, for instance, to Michigan beating Iowa. They were a deeply flawed team in an awful division. I get the sec homerism, but the flaws wasn’t as good, too to bottom, as the pac.
  7. It surprising frankly. Lewis likely being out is part of this. It will be a small class anyway. All of this is somewhat expected with changes. I suspect some kids will also hit the portal.
  8. It always has been. Just official now.
  9. It’s a wild ride. The next few weeks will be coaching losses, decommits, and then I expect the good news to start.
  10. Oh I’ll watch, just everyone else’s team sadly.
  11. A Few things. The competition in boulder will be the same as rising gets next fall. If they are healthy, they are the guys. It’s just not a competition. Sanders rightfully praised Staub. We will see if he gets a call to start somewhere else. If he gets it, I get him going. Big picture, it will be a heavy portal year. Less than last year, but prime has said that will be the case. As the years go on you can wait (like the Utes), but cu still has a lot of holes to fill.
  12. Bowl games are overrated.
  13. Apparently so! Be curious to see what the fighting primes look like
  14. Always take the ugly wins! And go pick a dumb hat (or whatever). CU had chances, but just didn’t do enough
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