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  1. Sorry to break it to you, but the Friday meeting was cancelled. https://regents.cu.edu/events
  2. I wouldn't say Cal is fine. The B1G won't take them and there is no way they go to the B12. Same can be said of Stanford, though they may be considered for the B1G in the future. They would go independent before going to the B12. Utah might have an issue with the B12, considering the B12 is already in Utah with BYU. For Wash and Ore, they would prefer staying in the PAC over moving to the B12.
  3. The PAC isn't going to die. It won't get the number it was looking for this time around because the B12 signed early and likely left money on the table. It is like having a neighbor sell his house below market price and then you trying to sell yours afterwards. As I have read, the B12 deal was more like an extension of their current deal while adding 4 new schools. The PAC is negotiating a completely new deal while also dealing with Amazon and Apple who are new to college athletics. It looks like the PAC wants their deal to terminate in 2029 so that it allows schools the freedom to pursue other opportunities. The shorter the deal, the more it negatively effects the dollar amount. Washington and Oregon don't have anywhere to go. The B1G isn't calling them right now and also know they can add them whenever they want, if they want. Cal already was told "no way Jose" by the B1G and I think Stanford would prefer staying in an intact PAC as they hate the idea of paying players while the B1G is embracing that concept. There is also talk that neither USC or UCLA want the B1G to add more PAC schools. The "4 corner schools" are not going anywhere unless the PAC implodes. Supporters of the B12 are the ones pushing "the PAC is dead" narrative and it has come to light this may be driven by their consulting agency, Endeavor. All four of the "corner" schools value their association with their academic peers in the PAC; going to the B12 is a big step down in academic prestige. Presidents, not athletic directors, vote on staying, moving and expanding when it comes to conference affiliation. It looks like ESPN will still get to air the best games each week and Amazon seems to want to have Friday night games. Whether it is Amazon, Apple or both, the PAC will get more exposure via second tier rights with them than via the PAC Network. I think adding Apple would be a great thing. They are better capitalized than any of the other networks/streamers, have a history of being very innovative, and their TV service has been underperforming. They added MLB and MSL to their lineup so it looks like they want to be a player in the sports market.
  4. You miss the point I am making regarding viewers out west as it pertains to ESPN. They broadcast sports and they need product from 7PM PST on. Sure, the PAC should have some games during the day, and they do. I have not said that the PAC contract is going to be streaming only. ESPN is involved. As for Apple, I just say don't count them out. They are the biggest, best capitalized company in the world. They are known to be innovative. There are people like Bezos and Musk that believed that the future was "now" and got rich off it. Were Utah and TCU "P5" schools when they were in the Mountain West? When you move up you tend to attract, and compensate, better talent. San Diego does have a strong history of football by the way. The modern passing game was invented here in the 60s. There is nothing the PAC can do to reestablish themselves in LA. That is gone. However, the PAC, via USCLA, do claim the San Diego market as part of their DMA. Bob Thompson wrote on this months ago. Why wouldn't USCLA continue to claim this market when the join the B1G? So, if the PAC wants to lose those 1.1M TV households then don't invite SDSU. Like I said, we would then take the B12 offer. Things changed regarding SDSU when USCLA announced they were leaving. By the way, the LA market is large but you have a lot of competition. In LA itself, you have two NFL teams, two NBA teams, a MLB team, an NHL team and 2 MSL teams. Then within an hour's drive you can add another MLB and NHL team. You want a following in LA you better win. In football, I do think USC can be successful in the B1G but am much less sure about UCLA. They still have to pay down a lot of debt and are tied to the Rose Bowl through 2042. They have struggled to win in the PAC, the B1G will be much tougher. Last year they were giving away football tickets and managed to half fill the RB on average. Throwout the outlier USC game and that average drops quite a bit. UCLA may do alright in BB but the travel will be hard on them. Traveling to the east is always harder than to the west. USC doesn't care about BB. I don't believe the PAC is panicking. They are losing two important programs, can't sugar coat that. For a good media deal they need inventory, and replacing those schools protects their So, did the B12 "panic" by adding 4 non-P5 schools to replace the loss of their 2 biggest brands? The PAC will end up together until at least 2030. UW and UO have nowhere to go and the only ones from the 4 corner schools who seem eager to move are the Arizona fans, though this seems to be egged on by a Zona honk named Jason Scheer. Sorry, the Zona president isn't going to leave the 6 other AAU schools in the PAC for an academically weaker conference. Personally, were Zona to leave they would be more than adequately replaced athletically by SDSU. As for market, San Diego is three times larger than Tucson. But, that just ain't gonna happen. Not at this time.
  5. According to a couple of very reliable posters on the SDSU board, we already know what they are offering and how long it would be before getting a full share.
  6. I've read that USCLA bring $250M in value to the B1G so it is no secret that SDSU isn't meant as a replacement for either school. However, the PAC cannot afford to lose SD to the B12 and be locked out of all SoCal. Again, SDSU already adds to the PAC BB program as it has consistently been one of the best programs in the West. Football will take time to increase recruiting. Utah struggled initially when they joined
  7. Ah, boomer. Like that's an insult. Not sure how I relate to the "SEC" guy but I have actually defended the PAC against a plethora of B12 fanatics. I have said that the conference should be safe from any additional raiding by the B1G until 2030, perhaps even until 2036 when the ACC GOR expires. I'd place Notre Dame, Virginia & UNC above UW and UO when it comes to B1G targets. Clemson would be in that mix as well, but I think they and FSU go to the SEC. I'm glad you realize that OSU should hope the music doesn't stop because they and Wazzu will be without a chair if that happens.
  8. I guess he doesn't understand that if the PAC were to disintegrate, unlikely at this point in time, then Oregon St. and Wazzu end up with no seat at the "P5" table and end up in the MWC.
  9. I am not saying that east of the Rockies isn't important, just that west of the Rockies cannot be ignored, and there is less competition after 7PM PST. The PAC12 network is going away. Streaming via either Amazon or Apple, the latter seems to be making a bigger push recently, will reach more people than the P12N. Apple is the most successful company in the history of the world. Their TV service is underperforming but they have added MLB and MSL to their ticket. I wouldn't sell them short when it comes to TV, they have more capital than Amazon and ESPN combined to invest into their TV. The PAC was stupid putting the majority of its BB games on the P12N and it has hurt recruiting conference wide. They will remedy that this time around. However, streaming is the future. Still, ESPN will be broadcasting many games. SAC St and UC Davis are not SDSU athletically and the former isn't there academically. If academics didn't matter, the PAC would be taking a serious look at Fresno St. and Boise St. They aren't. UNLV would be intriguing but their football programs has never been good and their BB program is a shell of its former self. Still a nice market and travel destination and they have been trying to improve their academics. SDSU received their offer from the PAC in October. The PAC already claims the San Diego Market via USCLA so they need to keep San Diego to stop the bleeding. Also, PAC schools recruit San Diego quite a bit and don't want to lose that. If the PAC deal isn't good enough, then we will accept the offer we have from the B12. Were SDSU go to the B12 it would be really bad for the future of the PAC as the B12 would be planted right in its wheelhouse. Our preference is the PAC for numerous reasons, not the least is the value placed on academics in the PAC. SDSU acceptance rate is more restrictive than many of the remaining PAC schools, R1 rating will be finalized before 2025. Our campus expansion in Mission Valley is geared towards improving our research capabilities. Athletically, SDSU has made nearly one half billion dollars in investments in venues and administrative offices in the past 25 years. SDSU MBB would come in as one of the best in the conference as it stands right now. Football, would be about mid pack initially. Oh, San Diego is a nice travel destination as well, ranking highly among other US cities as a tourist destination.
  10. Dipshit? Nice. That all you got? Gee, what did I do to crap in your Cheerios? Just pointing out that a lot of people are throwing things out to see if it sticks.
  11. 20% of the US population lives west of the Rockies. Should they be ignored? Just what does ESPN plan to broadcast after 7PM PST, Corn Hole and celebrity poker tournaments? Tractor pulls? Think of the B12. In every case they are in direct competition for media slots with the SEC, B1G, ACC and Notre Dame. The PAC? Well you got the MWC and WCC (for basketball only). As for sticking at 10, in order to get the best deal possible then you have to have inventory so that is why expansion is on the table. SDSU will be the first choice. The real question is who is second, though SMU looks to be the frontrunner.
  12. You have two sources in opposition on whether ION is part of the discussion. The question is, which one is right? ANALYZE.
  13. The parent company of ION may be looking at a takeover of Bally Sports. This could be for Tier 3 broadcast rights. I looked, and ION is included with my premium cable package.
  14. Apple is worth $2.4T. Amazon $996B. They have the money to make investments into their TV services. Here is something posted on the main SDSU board:
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