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  1. He was a great cheerleader and ambassador for the Pac12. We should have made more use of him while it still mattered. Personally, i appreciated his consistently positive outlook on life and humanitarian views. He was always trying to be a force for good.
  2. Well, my thought is that if Fox wants the Friday night late window, games hosted on the west coast are kind of ideal. 6 or 7pm kick offs provide that late night window, and are workable for local fans.
  3. Purdue looks like a possible trap game to me as well.
  4. The only teams that have 2 Friday night games are UW, Oregon, UCLA, Michigan State, Rutgers and Purdue. Only one game each for Illinois, Nebraska, NW, Maryland, USC and Iowa. No Friday night games for Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Minnesota or Illinois. Going forward, will the schedule-makers balance out Friday night games evenly? I assume the west coast teams will host a disproportionate share, but will those games be divided evenly among the west coast teams?
  5. Well, if nothing else, i think Deon may have actually sparked a rivalry of a sort between Utah and CU.
  6. row Z

    NBA Playoffs

    I don't see Minnesota getting past Denver, but they are sure fun to watch.
  7. row Z

    NFL 2024

    Ouch. That is not a very favorable comparison for Mr. Nix. I see him more as a mobile Goff.
  8. Klatt was pretty accurate in the video above: all 6 were taken in the first round, and he got the order exactly right except for Daniels before Maye.
  9. row Z

    NFL 2024

    As a seahawk fan, I am a little disappointed we didn't draft a QB, but obviously the top 6 were all gone by the time of our pick at 16. In retrospect, I actually wish that Nix had fallen to us. I think he has the highest floor of the top 6 QBs, and seems like a very good decision-maker. Next year's draft does not look nearly as promising for QBs.
  10. This article summarizes the proposed 80 team "super league" from "Turnkey ZRG" that would re-organize college football with 8 new primarily geographic conferences (including the old Pac10), and new rules for revenue sharing and transfers etc. The B1G teams would be separated into 3 separate regional conferences. Turnkey includes some significant individuals in media and college sports: Devils/Sixers owner David Blitzer, NFL executive Brian Rolapp, Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, Syracuse chancellor Kent Syverud and TurnkeyZRG chairman and CEO Len Perna. I have no idea how viable it is in the real world, but it does seem workable at first glance. https://www.sportico.com/leagues/college-sports/2024/college-football-super-league-pitch-deck-1234775652/
  11. Kind of a clever teaser ... who will be left out??? Answer: none.
  12. Joel Klatt ranks his top 5 QBs in the draft. in case you don't want to watch the video: 1) Williams; 2) Maye; 3) Daniels; 4) Penix; 5) McCarthy; 6) Nix. He says they are all first rounders.
  13. FYI, its "Chun." This has been about the craziest off season for UW i can remember: lose champ game, lose rising star football coach, hire (lesser) rising star football coach, fire basketball coach, lose AD after 5 months, hire home run basketball coach, hire AD from our traditional rival. Nutrageous. Sorry Don. I wish we would have hired someone other than the Cougs' AD. I am sure he is good, but there have to be other good candidates out there.
  14. Update on conniving and money grubbing in smoke-filled rooms ... (14 team playoff being negotiated by networks, presidents, chancellors, commissioners and ND). https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/39619331/sources-14-team-college-football-playoff-momentum
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