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  1. I’m sorry what were you saying? Also remember you were shown major crimes they recently committed. Maybe a bit tougher than Barbie Doll pussies I’d say. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2024-06-25/six-members-of-hells-angels-arrested-in-bakersfield-on-suspicion-of-kidnapping-robbery https://www.kron4.com/news/four-sf-hells-angels-members-arrested-on-suspicion-of-attempted-murder/amp/
  2. No you’re not which makes it very surprising that you try to act like one. Lol at you dealing in absolutes in this situation. But you were also telling us a few months ago that biker gangs like The Hells Angels were toothless 65 year old paper tigers that attract a Smokey and the Bandit crowd. Within a few days after you said that, @Joe from Wyo showed you a recent article where The SF Chapter got busted for major crimes and violence with members taken down. Your pearls of wisdom have no limit apparently.
  3. What is the average education level for Team MAGA? My guess is 10th grade.
  4. So Trump it is in 2024 for the 3rd time in row. “Swamp The Vote” 2024.
  5. We still get some. Not a lot. Going back to 2019, about 7 kids. Dennis Erickson opened that pipeline while at Utah. He brought in Tyler Huntley, Zack Moss and Simpkins from Hallandale in Miami. Those dudes were pretty good. My guess is we will shift to about 30-40% Texas with our new conference.
  6. Now all they need is Clubber. Was Clubber the best shit talker ever? ”Apollo who?”
  7. This is probably bullshit like a lot of rumors but what would your thoughts be on Miami and the other ACC schools to the B12. 16 teams is already a lot but I think that’s the way the environment is headed to. I’d love most of these schools with Utah. A few more recruiting trips to Florida is never bad. NC state and Louisville are kinda meh for me though. https://flywareagle.com/posts/rumor-brett-yormark-plan-big-12-use-fsu-clemson-get-louisville-va-tech-nc-state-miami
  8. Oh yeah. I was being sarcastic. I’m surprised he wasn’t wearing a neck brace and walking out on crutches to the RNC.
  9. She is sharp. I was watching CNN, they didn’t show her as they were fading in and out of the coverage. There were a lot of people throwing anger at the director. I get it and she deserved it. It’s the calm, cool, collected speakers/debaters that slice you up with a scalpel with a cool head that you have to worry about. If she has a partner, I doubt the other person wins many arguments. Lol.
  10. So the shooting victim patch he wore at the RNC was fake news? It also looked like a 2 year old taped it on too. We need more truth social updates btw now that Harris is in the game. @retrofade and @FresnoFacts. Entertain us. Truth social posts from DJT might be the most entertaining read on the internet.
  11. That demographic is real. Trump certainly doesn’t have the chops to identify with young people. He knows the parents in his base will brainwash their kids too.
  12. I think you need to lay off Fox News for a bit.
  13. Yes sir. Guilty. But I’m much younger than Harris.
  14. Ok these coconut tree memes, love island TikTok references are just silly to me. I get that she’s trying relate with young voters but it shows me two things. I’m too old to identify with being a “hip” 20 year old nor do I want to. #2. Does Harris realize she’s 59? I guess you have to play to your crowd but this election is serious business to me. I want to see a hard worker in the chair, not a Taylor Swift wannabe.
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