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  2. Wow that Frenso schedule is soft...they should be in the CCG along with Boise State. We know the 2Pac CCG is when OSU & WSU meet...what will the trophy look like?
  3. Back in the 1996, Eddie Vedder was on the cover of Rolling Stone, and they had done an investigative hit piece on him challenging that he didn’t really have a rough past, and painted him as a super happy guy up until Pearl Jam formed with him becoming one of the leading dudes of the grunge movement. It was majorly inaccurate and really pissed me off, so because I had such a unique perspective to live through it all happening, I decided to write a book on it. I got about 85% done and I shopped it. I signed with The Jeff Herman Agency in NYC to be my literary agent which was one of the better literary agents and still is. I was soooooooo burned out on writing that I just couldn’t finish the last 2 chapters. I took a break from writing for a while, and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I just figured I’d finish it later and never did. LOL. I had a lot of great pics for the middle of the book, too.
  4. Good call, how about Oregon?
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  6. "safer neutral sites"???? In California????
  7. It's fairly easy to get to the MWC board. When you get the warning message just scroll down the page to the part where it gives you the option to "take the risk" and click on that. You only get that message because the owner of the MWC board (Jeffkills) is and has not been doing anything on that board and their certificate has expired. It's nothing dangerous like a virus or anything like that.
  8. They should require all Fresno home games to be played in safer neutral sites.
  9. So you're still a horse's ass - just with a new name. GOT IT - thanks for making that clear. =============ADDED TO THE IGNORE LIST AND FORGOTTEN
  10. They got rid of the divisions several years ago.
  11. I remember when a wrestling team that was scheduled to wrestle in a dual meet against Fresno State had several of their wrestlers walk to a convenience store across the street from where they were staying in a motel and they were attacked - and one of them ended up in the hospital. But in all fairness that could have happened in any "Blue" metro area. I believe it was Oregon State who was the visiting team but I could be mistaken about that. And I was mistaken it was actually the University of Oregon that was the visiting team in 2005 when two members of their wrestling team were attacked in the convenience store across the street where they were staying in a motel. One of them was hit in the head from behind and knocked to the ground while the other nearly had one ear sliced off with a knife. The latter is the one who ended up in the hospital - to get the ear reattached. https://happymills.blogspot.com/2005/01/members-of-univ-of-oregon-wrestling.html
  12. Wisconsin, really?! Are we talking Door County?
  13. That’s the welcoming committee, should’ve stopped by to say hello.
  14. It’s up like in 12 years. They need to ram through an on campus stadium that will never happened. Play on 50k and everyone thinks you have great fans . Play in 90k and the fans suck.
  15. No there isn’t. There’s nothing. No bodies, nothing. It ranks up there with the tooth fairy. https://www.history.com/news/bigfoot-fbi-file-investigation-discovery We know UFO’s are legit when the US Military locks onto them with high frequency radar, also verified them with infrared imaging. And the same exact craft were witnessed off the coast of Southern CA out by the Channel Islands that began getting in the way of Lockheed Burbank military jet flight testing in 1952. They used to have to do secret flight testing out in the ocean that wasn’t very secret. The next year they founded Area 51 as a place to do it. The U2 spy plane had the CIA requiring Lockheed to pick an Area 51 location and the gov would run it. The founding members of Lockheed Skunk Works witnessed the UFO from different locations. That was pilots, engineers in the Lockheed boat including my grandfather, and even Kelly Johnson watching the testing on shore near Santa Barbara with powerful binoculars. It doesn’t get more credible than that, and the LA Times did a story and interviewed Kelly Johnson about it.
  16. The longer you live here the sound of sirens means everything is all normal. It's the dead silence that gets scary.
  17. Good luck on your son getting an offer from CSU-FresNo, so he can spend the best four-yrs of his life in the Armpit of Calif.
  18. Even without a Trojan, the Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde reference describes half my family. Must be the summer heat here. 🤣
  19. It was so nice when you took your leave of absents from the MWC Board. DAMN…& here you are on the WCSBoard, like a mother-in-law that wouldn’t leave. AWESOME!
  20. Haha! Are you sure I don’t know how shitty you are? Try again, Wyo fan >> turned Boise CC bandwagon hopper. I’ve been on the MWCBoard with you for well over-a-decade. Tell us again about your POS TransAM & what happened in the Hughes Stadium dirt parking lot back-in-the-day at a Border War game for the 200th time. Or you could always repeat one of the same 4-stories you keep telling us over-&-over-&-over-&-AGAIN about your Marine daughters & one of their husbands who the re-incarnation of Rambo... Riddle me this @Broncomare: Why would “…a left over PAC snob…” have part of a CSU chant as their screen name? Does: "I’m ‘Proud-to-Be' a CSU Ram…" ringing any bells w/you, Miss I’m No Longer a wy-hole Fan? Speaking of ringing bells. Does the screen names “GoState99755” or “—I Green Infection |—“ ring any bells for you Mare? “Proud-to-Be” was my new kinder & gentler handle for this new board. Then that all went to sh*t, once you start preaching to everyone what it means to be an “American” or what is or is not patriotic. NO…I am NOT “...butt hurt because [you] have a different opinion than…” me. This country protects your opinion & I have not problem with that. Actually I very much respect that about our great Nation! What I have problem w/is you getting on your 'Mother of a Two Marines' high horse & dictate to the rest of The Board what is or is not American or patriotic. Take your self-rightious “my girls & I are so patriotic” stale horse sh*t narrative to the other Board. It does NOT belong on the Sports Board. CAPISCE? Now, please tell the group again how I “…don’t know sh*t about…” you, or how & why I feel the way I do about you, or better yet: How I’m “…a left over Pac snob.” I guess you aren’t as much of a smart mouthed know-it-all, as you thought you were Ms BluBurro Mare.
  21. I did shrooms when I was in college. Pretty fun. Getting Lyme Disease and it going late stage has made weed undoable. My brain chemistry with neurotransmitters is different now in terms of the mode of action of specific drugs. Weed, drugs that kill pain like Neurontin, Lyrica, SSRI’s etc. make me feel shitty. But good old fashioned addictive stuff like benzo’s such as Xanax, Opioids like oxy, hydrocodone, etc. still work great but I very rarely have to take them anymore. I won’t even post how many benzo’s, hydrocodone and tramadol I took a day about 15-20 years ago. My pain was that bad. My kidney and liver are in great shape, and I’m very, very thankful for that. I got lucky.
  22. Except for literal DNA evidence multiple times through blood, fecal matter and hair and video evidence
  23. I met K5 at Bulldog Stadium. He was there with his buddy, I was there with my boy. He is a good dude.
  24. retrofade


    Yep. Let's just all give up. What part of parallel paths do you fail to understand? JFC.
  25. There’s overwhelming evidence that flying objects from another world with technology beyond ours are visiting us. There is absolutely no evidence that Bigfoot exists. None. Nothing.
  26. CougarFrog


    I just got into Fresno a few minutes ago for my son to go to prospect camp in the morning. We have a nice enough hotel in a decent area, but what did I see a few blocks away.... 6 squad cars with lights flashing....I guess someone got shot or there is a hostage situation or something of the ilk. Nothing says welcome to Fresno more than a large scale police action. I am glad my son was sleeping. I guess we should have taken the invite to Stanford camp tomorrow instead of Fresno (though I had already booked everything at Fresno). Thanks Fresno for living up to expectations!
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