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  2. I just read an article this morning where Phil Steele says he now waits as long as possible to publish due to the portal. He used to want to be the first preseason mag published, now he wants to be the last one out to be as up to date as possible. https://www.tuscaloosanews.com/story/sports/columns/2024/06/12/phil-steele-college-football-annual-must-play-waiting-game-to-evolve/73837021007/
  3. You said you want to move up the date to officially enter the B12 for all 4 corner schools. That's speaking for more than your school. Look, I get it. CU had no buy in/investment into the P12. Your school held down the bottom of the conference in football since the 12 team conference was formed. Your basketball team was average at best. So basically no results or extra money for the conference. Just a conference SOS killer. A terrible addition to the conference. I have nothing against your school but the performance was just bad. Utah had a lot of success and growth in the P12 in both athletics and in academics. You've been slobbering at the mouth to move to the B12. That's fine but nothing has changed. You were terrible in football at the end of your last B12 run, terrible in the P12 and will be terrible again in the B12. So I guess I just don't understand all the mouth slobbering from you and wanting to move dates.
  4. This is clearly no longer about Ms Clark or the Women’s National BB Team. Take this to the other board @Broncomare
  5. CV147

    Hunter Biden

    You are born with all rights. Those rights can either be infringed or affirmed. In the case of an infant, you'd definitely want to infringe.
  6. Meanwhile...still in the broad realm of conference realignment.... https://www.nytimes.com/athletic/5559347/2024/06/12/nbc-tnt-fox-big-east-basketball-broadcast/ Big East men’s and women’s college basketball is on the verge of adding new television partners as NBC Sports and TNT Sports are expected to join Fox Sports in presenting games beginning this season, sources briefed on the negotiations told The Athletic. While Fox Sports will remain the top partner, both NBC, which will feature most of its games on Peacock, and TNT Sports, which operates the streaming service Max, are anticipated to add a large number of games. The financial terms of the expected new agreements are not yet known. The agreement is not yet formalized and the other incumbent, CBS Sports — which does a smaller package of games — is still holding discussions.
  7. It was a June election with very low turnout and the incumbent was not on the ballot. Its hilarious that you want to use this to form conclusions on the general election. Still waiting for your detailed explanation as to why Biden will win with a bigger margin than in 20. Should I just assume you don't have an explanation.
  8. You need to get around more. You dont speak for them all. Nobody does. https://www.onceasoldier.org/what-veterans-think-of-kneeling-during-the-national-anthem/ https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2020-07-07/two-veterans-speak-up-in-defense-of-flag-burning https://abcnews.go.com/US/veterans-knee-support-national-anthem-protests/story?id=50075609 it is funny, though, that a certain segment of the populace now thinks its OK to fly the flag upside down, or deface it in some way, so long as it is in support of THEIR cause. Hypocrisy at its finest. Meanwhile....Caitlin Clark still isnt on the Olympic team.
  9. This from senior dude at Cook Political. He covered the OH race closely. Low turnout and higher D-voter engagement a factor in the race. This breakout was interesting.
  10. This plus candidates Trump has endorsed over the last two years are getting their asses kicked way more often than not.
  11. This was just another example that shows dems are overperforming polling and either winning states and districts or finishing much closer than polling and recent past results have indicated. If you were able to read at greater than a 3rd grade level you'd see it as well.
  12. A 20% movement in Ohio doesn't push it to Biden in Ohio, but would turn the election to Biden in several other states. That is how I read it.
  13. Give me your address. Next time my son-in-law and his dev's are stateside, you can all get together and sit down and talk about it. Maybe he can bring some Delta's too, that way all branches are involved. Ask him about the five bracelets he wears and how he had to put five American flag covered coffins on an airplane. Ask him about watching five of his guys die right in front of him. He still has bone fragments in his body from one of them. Obviously, people that protest the American flag have never been given a folded one.
  14. When he said that the Ohio special election was telling , I think it is pretty safe to assume he was talking about Joes chances in Ohio in the general. I will let him clarify if he wants to.
  15. Pretty sure that is not what he was implying.
  16. In light of recent events, I picture him sitting in front of his TV, quietly sobbing, staring at the test pattern where the P12N used to be.
  17. I am sorry I don't see an admission of anything by me of anything close to that. You are just making shit up as usual. I am still patiently waiting for your explanation of Why Joe will have a blowout victory in 2024? Third time asking for this.
  18. Thanks for admitting you don't know jack or shit about the topic. Maybe next time ask Bob for some help.
  19. maybe they should spend some time looking inward to examine their feelings I question whether they understand the meaning of their oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States..." all Americans, not just those who share their personal beliefs
  20. What does it matter since all four are arriving on the same day? I don't have to speak for Utah on this board anyway.
  21. Should have been a suspension, imo.
  22. RSF

    Hunter Biden

    Really? You think infants have the right to bear arms? Fascinating perspective.
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